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Art Appraisal

The general concept of art could include paintings executed in various mediums, sculpture and other works created to be beautiful or to express important ideas or feelings.

Then we ask “What is the value?” Does the artist have credentials? Auction resale records? If you need Fair Market Value, Retail Value or a current update of your art works monetary value, we can offer our expertise. Ragazzi Appraisals is experienced in the art market and is a member of the Appraisers Association, since 1980.

Antique Appraisal

In America, according to the Smoot-Hawley Tariff Act of 1930, antiques are defined as works of art which shall have been produced before 1830. It was at that time mass production began in the United States. Hence the 100 year rule. An antique is an object that represents a previous time period in history and is desired because of its rarity, beauty or emotional connection. Vintage and collectibles are also used to describe items that are old, but do not meet the 100-year test.

Top quality objects in every category have little trouble finding buyers; however, objects for middle market goods are not as buoyant. Also, a credible opinion of value for an object not only considers design, craftsmanship, age, origin or collectability, but the timing of trends, which continually fluctuate.

Household Contents

Usually, this is an appraisal of individual personal property (miscellaneous items), while they are located in the home, including but not limited to: all periods of furniture, fine art, collectibles, decorative accessories, silver, jewelry, coins, signed designer pieces, antique toys, porcelain and art glass. Our experience in various personal property classifications is diverse.

Personal Property Liquidation Service

Step #1 for a successful sale is knowing “the real value.” Our experience and skill can provide you with the current Fair Market Value of your goods. This will prevent selling too low and provide confidence in the asking price. Once the value is known and you establish an asking price, you’re all set to offer the goods at market. There is no need to wait for buyers to make offers or give estimates, since you will be prepared with a knowledgeable selling price.

Total buy-outs and/or clean-outs can be arranged. We adhere to all building requirements.

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Mr. Ragazzi is an accredited appraiser of Antiques, Fine Art and Personal Property and has served the legal community, estate executors, estate administrators and private individuals for their appraisal needs. He is a member in good standing with the Appraisers Association of America since 1980. Serving New York City, Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn and Nassau County. Please feel free to contact our office for references.

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